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Phil Pearce
May 24 2014 0:38 AM Post #8
Location : Dallas, GA

Lodge Name & Number : Dallas #182
Lodge City & State : Dallas, GA
Your Lodge Website : Soon, Brothers, soon.
Your Lodge is to be congratulated for the great work it is doing. How do I know about this work? From your outstanding website. It is outstanding not as much as for its aesthetics, although it is pleasing to the eye, but for the fact that it is full of CONTENT. Some person or persons are doing a wonderful job of maintaining it and keeping it fresh. And so although I haven't traveled in Tonawanda, if someone were to ask me about "that Sutherland Lodge # 826 F&AM up there in Tonawanda", I would in all honesty, on the strength of nothing but your website, be able to tell them about the great work you Brethren are doing there, about the very well thought-out goals that you have set for your Lodge and that you are no doubt accomplishing, the about the Brotherhood that permeates the Lodge, and about the beauty of your Lodge building, inside and out.
Well done, my Brothers! Well done!
jeffrey Wojcik
Dec 04 2013 3:53 AM Post #7
Location : North Tonawanda, NY

Lodge Name & Number : KEN-TON LODGE 1186
Lodge City & State : NORTH TONAWANDA, NY
Your Lodge Website : WWW.KENTONLODGE.COM
To All The brothers at Sutherland Lodge:

As an active PM of Ken-Ton Lodge, It has been my honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to conduct our Lodge meetings at your location. Yours is a beautiful temple with many possibilities for future growth. May the GAOTU bless your future progress.
W.Bro.Bill Karda
Oct 31 2013 11:31 AM Post #6
Location : Mississauga

Lodge Name & Number : Antiquity #571
Lodge City & State : Toronto, oNTARIO
Lodge Country if Other than USA : Canada
HI Brethern, many thanks for the hospitality on Sat , Oct.,26,2013. We enjoyed the arranged Wine Tours and the dinner back in Lewiston N.Y.
My wife Claire and I had a most enjoyable time and appreciated your conversation and fraternization.
W.Bro. Bill Karda
P.M. Antiquity Lodge #571
Christopher Dycha
Oct 09 2013 19:09 PM Post #5

Lodge Name & Number : Sutherland 826
Lodge City & State : NT, NY
Mark: It was a pleasure to of known you and you will always be fondly remembered. In a very short time, you made a lasting impression. God Bless you and your family as you dive head first into life's next chapter. Christopher Dycha
John Paschen
Sep 06 2013 12:33 PM Post #4
Location : North Tonawanda NY

Lodge Name & Number : Sutherland #826
Lodge City & State : North Tonawanda NY
Your Lodge Website :
Brother Mark
I was surprised & saddened to see & hear your leaving our brotherhood. I will miss our conversations & disagreements Be sure to keep in touch. If I can help be sure to ask
I'm sure I speak for the entire Lodge that you will be sorely missed
Good luck with everything in your future.
John Paschen
Mark H.Haacker
Sep 06 2013 10:30 AM Post #3
Location : N.T.N.Y.

Lodge Name & Number : 826
Lodge City & State : N.T.N.Y.
Your Lodge Website : same
Brethren, I want to thank all who wished me fairwell at the officers meeting 9/5/2013. I want you to know that you have made a good man a better man. I will keep my obligation as in my opinion it was a vow before GOD.My God richly bless you all in all your indevors. Please accept my apoligy for giving such a short notice of my decision.Best Regards, Mark H. Haacker
Worshipful Master
Jul 16 2013 20:56 PM Post #2

Your Lodge Website :
Welcome to Sutherland Lodge #826 Website, we love to hear from you, please post your comments here. Very Happy
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